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Vintage London

Our London Market has many great treasures and the items change all the time. Check in regularly to get the first chance of our latest stock. Unfortunately the word is now over used. It is often just slapped in to the description of a product without any real understanding of what it means.  If something is just second hand it is now referred to as “Vintage”, in the hope that this will add value to the item.  A genuine item should be at least 20 years old (yes, that means the 90’s will soon be classed as vintage!!).  It should embody & proudly show off the best bits of the era or decade it came from.  In general a good design from whatever period (50’s, 70’s, even 80’s – the decade some believe style forgot!) can happily live alongside other items, old & new. It's creates a feeling of nostalgia for many people which is probably the reason it’s become such a popular term & trend.  It’s most definitely here to stay & is something we have embraced here at Northcote Road Antiques Market.  You can find a vast array of genuine items in the market.  Maybe you love the geometric patterns of the 50’s or the bright bold colours of the 70’s, whatever the era is that interests you you’ll probably find a piece from that period here! So come down & have a hunt around our London Vintage Market !

The term “Vintage” is used widely across the internet, type it in to Ebay & you will get over three million results!

Vintage” is a middle English term that derives from the French word “Vendage”, “The harvest of grapes”. The sense shifted in the mid 18th Century to mean the age or year of a particular wine. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that “Vintage” began to be used when describing something as “From another time”.  It was at this point that objects other than wine, such as furniture, toys, cars & clothes, were beginning to be referred to as vintage.

This is just a small selection of our large indoor Vintage Marketin London. - Take a look at more >> See Inside